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Local (SW)
Local (SW)
Southwest Area, MO
View Job Details | OrderBillings, MO - FEMA Shelter Community Safe Room Billings R-IV School District
FEMA-361 Community Safe Room
Dickinson Hussman Architects06/08/2017
View Job Details | OrderBolivar, MO - Southtown Sanitary Sewer Extension - Contract No. 2, Sewage Lift Station
Construction of a new duplex sewage lift station.
White River Engineering, Inc.06/20/2017
Local (SC)
Local (SC)
South Central Area, MO
View Job DetailsDunn, MO - Twin Cities Industrial Park (REBID)
The contemplated work is generally described as constructing new Park infrastructure.
Local (SW)
Local (SW)
Southwest Area, MO
View Job Details | OrderForsyth, MO - Transfer Station and Road and Bridge Maintenance Building
The Project consists of constructing a transfer station building, a road and bridge maintenance building, and associated site work.
HDR Engineering, Inc.07/25/2017
View Job Details | OrderGreenfield, MO - Dade County Library Addition
The Project consists of a 1,153 sf one-story addition constructed of wood framing on a slab on grade, located on the west side of the existing building.
Butler-Rosenbury And Partners Inc.06/13/2017
View Job DetailsLamar, MO - Water System Storage Tank Improvements
Installation of new water tanks
White River Engineering, Inc.
View Job Details | OrderRepublic, MO - New High School Activity Stadium
The project consists of a new high school activities facility, consisting of ticket facility building, activities plaza area, home concession and locker rooms building, etc.
H Design Group07/18/2017
Local Jobs - Springfield Area
Local Jobs - Springfield Area
Springfield Area, MO
View Job DetailsSpringfield, MO - Cox Tower Renovation - 10th Floor
Renovations of Existing Facilities
Greene County Purchasing Department
View Job DetailsSpringfield, MO - Exterior Ramp for Early Childhood Developmet at OTC
Construction of a ADA ramp.
Hood-Rich Inc.08/24/2017
View Job Details | OrderSpringfield, MO - Galloway Creek Trunk Sewer Relocation at Lone Pine Recycling Center
This project consists of removing a 4ft (ID) manhole and replacing with a 5 ft (I D) manhole approximately 13 ft deep, etc.
City of Springfield- Public Works Engineering07/11/2017
View Job Details | OrderSpringfield, MO - SWTP Plant 2 Filter Retrofit
This job generally consists of the removal of equipment from two of the existing traveling bridge type granular media tertiary filters, followed by the replacement of said equipment with new AquaDiamond tertiary filter equipment.
City of Springfield Environmental Services Department06/28/2017